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A life of Tea

I'm loosening up the content of my blog but keeping the title because at the end of the day tea always finds it's way into most aspects of my life whether it's a simple cuppa while I write or photographing a rare and exclusive loose leaf tea from another part of the world.

Why Tea?
It's a personal passion but I'm also a professional Tea Ambassador with the family tea company, Dilmah... one of the largest tea companies in the world who regardless of scale remain true to the heart of 'Real Tea' with an amazing offering of specialty and exclusive loose leaf tea through to the finest everyday tea in mainstream supermarkets.

However I'm not here to advertise and market Dilmah... this Blog is my own. I am here to share my love of tea with the hope it may contribute in some way towards changing the common view most people have about tea. Through my role I aim to educate, entertain & inspire. You can read the story of my entry into the tea business thanks to the awesome guys at Terroir.com who interviewed me here.

In the nature of transparency... I do hope that through my content people will also come to know Dilmah a little better because I sincerely believe they are an example of how business can be a matter of human service. This is a guiding principle of Dilmah Founder Merrill J. Fernando and his sons, it's also very true to the nature of tea as a beverage that brings people together. This philosophy of business is something more brands need to put into practice, the art of giving back from the heart rather than slapping a 'fair' label on their packaging as a way to sell more. See MJF Charitable Foundation or Dilmah Conservation if you'd like to learn more or the very honest articles Dilhan Fernando writes on his Integritea Blog.

I approached Dilmah originally because of the respect I have for the way they do business and my role is primarily in the area of specialty loose leaf teas, specifically a range called t-Series which spans not only Sri Lankan Ceylon Tea but tea that highlights the best from around the world: www.teatimerocks.com

Dilmah have become one of the worlds largest tea brands in over 90 countries yet remain true to tea by pushing back against the downhill slide of commoditisation that major supermarkets have been forcing on brands in the race to the bottom in price and in turn quality.

One of the most powerful ways to fight back is education of the average consumer. Bringing back respect and value to an honest everyday tea produced in the orthodox way will keep the industry sustainable and at least slow down the landslide of CTC and Dust that many tea drinkers have become used to.

Let's get excited about Real Tea and share it around!

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