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The Lost Art

A short column I wrote for New Zealand 'Restaurant & Catering News' magazine this month for anyone who is involved in hospitality.

Statistics vary but most reports show that New Zealand is right up there as one of the largest consumers of tea per capita in the world. Most of this comes from the consumption of regular tea at home, unlike coffee which sees huge popularity at cafes for good reason. Business owners have stopped using this as an excuse for poor tea sales and are starting to see the opportunity this provides.

Many tea drinkers expect you'll be serving something no better than what they can make at home. Break that simple myth and you'll win their valuable loyalty. Serve tea in a way that they may not go to the effort of doing at home or offer tea which they probably don't buy from the supermarket. You'll start to make your bottom line as happy as your customer.

We reckon we can make your tea better than you make it at home!

Even if you double the cost per serve by stepping up to a higher grade tea e.g. 15c to 30c, your margins are only minimally impacted at the same menu price i.e. $3.50. That's how good the margins are on tea! Make a bold statement... tell your customers "We reckon we can make your tea better than you make it at home!". They might just take you up on the challenge and it will at least start a conversation. If you serve it like a professional with the right accessories then it adds that important perceived value and you'd probably find the customer is happy to pay even more.

The Lost Art
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